Law Firm for 2019 has become part of the digital health ecosystem

Murgova & Partners Law Firm has joined as a member of Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria.

The law firm is one of the fastest growing in Bulgaria, as evidenced by the increase of more than 3 times the client mass in the last 4 years. Murgova & Partners has been at the forefront of numerous prestigious international rankings in the last 3 years in the areas of corporate and commercial law, real estate and legal representation, alongside leading international law firms, etc.

The company has advised on mergers and acquisitions in various areas such as automotive, information technology, logistics and manufacturing. In recent years, the law firm has paid considerable attention to the optimization of litigation processes and legal cases and has also developed a specialized department that provides advice on personal data protection, trade secrets and anti-money laundering measures.

The opportunity for digital transformation of the environment and dynamic technological changes are the leading reason for Murgova&Partners to join the Bulgarian digital health ecosystem. According to the Managing Partner Petya Murgova, every person is a patient in some moment and we should all be responsible for our own health and learn how to manage it properly and taking full advantage of innovative healthcare technologies.

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