The first meeting of the DHI Cluster Bulgaria

The first meeting of the DHI Cluster Bulgaria will be held on December, 4th, 2018 in JA StartUp Hambar, Incubator building, Sofia Tech Park

The mission of the newly established organization is to create a comprehensive entrepreneurship ecosystem in the health sector, through the exchange of innovative practices and ideas among stakeholders (entrepreneurs, institutions, society) and  provide the best technological solutions to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of the healthcare services .

The formal establishment of the Cluster took place on November 2, 2018 when key business representatives engaged in the development of various innovative technologies and services both in the healthcare as well as other sectors.

During the event, we will introduce you to the vision, mission and goals of the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria and will present the Founding Companies, whose expertise will help to define concrete innovative practices for an effective health system in Bulgaria.

For confirmation: OFFICE@DHICLUSTER.BG

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