Bulgarian Health Cluster gives a new beginning to the digitalization in the healthcare sector

On December 4th the first meeting took place in Sofia Tech Park, organized by the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria. It brought together entrepreneurs, medical professionals, industry representatives, academics and institutions’ experts.

The Cluster’s mission is to create a comprehensive eco-system for entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector, by sharing innovative practices and ideas among stakeholders (entrepreneurs, institutions, society) to deliver the best technological solutions to improve the sustainability and the effectiveness of healthcare services and socio-economic life in the country.

The formal establishment of the Cluster took place on November 2nd, 2018, when key business representatives engaged in developing innovative technologies and services both in the health sector and beyond.

The event was presented to the founders of the Cluster, whose expertise will help to define concrete innovative practices for an effective healthcare system.

According to Milena Stoycheva, Chairperson of the Cluster, the rapid disruption of digital solutions in various social and economic sectors, including healthcare, requires the development of entrepreneurial skills. This is a process that should start from the student classroom and continue actively in the coming years of young people’s professional development.

Bulgaria has the potential to develop digital solutions in healthcare. “An innovative approach is inevitable in the dynamically developing environment in which we live. In our country a number of digital projects are being developed, which are at a global level. The introduction of such projects will help to improve access to effective healthcare and to take into account the real outcomes. We believe that this will result in greater satisfaction for both patients and healthcare professionals. It will increase the real value that patients receive against the invested funds.” says Mira Ganova, Executive Director of the organization.

The event was attended by the IT industry, healthcare entrepreneurs, medical specialists, institutions of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finances and Ministry of the Education and Science, as well as, representatives of the academic community, academia and others.

The Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria aims to support the creation of a healthcare system based on data and technologies that lead to sustainability and efficiency.