A sustainable and effective health system based on data, technology and entrepreneurship

“Digital solutions lead to a better access and coverage, better quality and better results, create sustainability and efficiency of health systems,” said Mira Ganova, Executive Director of the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria, on the National E-Health Conference, which took place on February 14, at the Balkan Hotel.

Mira Ganova presented the main idea of ​​the DHI Cluster Bulgaria, non-profit organization created in November 2018. The goal of the Cluster is to support the creation of a data-driven healthcare to boost the stabilization and efficiency of the sector. The Cluster was founded by two non-profit organizations and nine technology companies that are developing innovative products and services in the field of digital healthcare sector. The mission of the organization is to develop a healthcare ecosystem open to private entrepreneurs and organizations that, through the exchange of good practices, ideas and purposeful interaction with each other, will create value impact to medical services and processes by introducing new technologies and working with data.

“The most important benefit of digital solutions in one of the most socially significant public sectors is that they place the patient in the focus of all processes, allow him to make informed choices and create conditions for a predictable and precise work environment,” added Mira Ganova.

Accent in the presentation of the Director of the DHI Cluster Bulgaria was also the high rate of development of digital healthcare worldwide. “We are no longer talking about healthcare just as an expense and overpayment, it’s already part of the global economy, we are talking about the realization of huge investments that add value to the economy of each country.” As an example, Ms. Ganova gave the United States with over than $ 14 billion investment in digital healthcare sector for 2018. “The map of Europe is now far behind in the development of digital healthcare, and Bulgaria is not there at all. The ambition of The Cluster is our state to be positioned on this map as one of the countries with sustainable and effective data-driven healthcare”, added Mrs. Ganova.

Within the event, Veneta Kuyova, Project Manager at JA Bulgaria, presented the work of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education in Healthcare (EE-HUB), which works in partnership with DHI Cluster Bulgaria. Ms. Kuyova underlines the importance of developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills among medical professionals to achieve an effective and sustainable health system and flexibility for innovation in the sector. The aim of the Center is to precisely create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in healthcare by sharing innovative ideas and cooperation between stakeholders from different sectors. “In the modern world, emerging technologies are a challenge for every sector, and that is why it is so important for medical professionals to be well prepared for data and technology, to learn entrepreneurial approaches that will help them to be better oriented in the technological process, “added Veneta Kuyova.