Business practitioners at international level talk about the innovations in healthcare

On May 14, 2019, Junior Achievement Bulgaria in partnership with Novartis Bulgaria and DHI Cluster Bulgaria organized a discussion “Inspiration for You” with the special participation of Mohanad Fors, head of Novartis Biome, innovative startup project in San Francisco and Joseph Jeong, a teacher, entrepreneur, Wall Street investor for 25-years and founder of FutureHack Global.

Along the meeting, innovative organizations and start-ups from the DHI Cluster Bulgaria pitched their digital solutions for the healthcare sector and had the opportunity to discuss their innovations with our guests.

More than 70 people from the organisers’ network attended and had the opportunity to hear more about the work of Mohanad Fors at Novartis Biome. Mr. Fors is head of Biome – Novartis Digital Innovation Lab. He is leading highly specialized digital innovation centers around the world, including in the Silicon Valley, focusing on HealthTech innovations. He has more than twelve years of experience in sales, marketing, focusing on digital marketing with global, emerging markets in Europe and the Middle East. He is the founder of successful start-ups with strong knowledge in the startup community. He shared his practice and mechanism for building start-ups within Novartis Biome, emphasizing the importance of creating internal processes for innovation in companies.

By invitation of JA Bulgaria, Joseph Jeong has joined the inspiration event. He is founder of FutureHack Global, a technology and entrepreneurship program aimed at the next generation of digital age leaders at MIT. He has supported the implementation of two start-up companies that have been successfully marketed. He lectured in various universities around the world, focusing on the future of education, FinTech, the development of financial markets, and disruptive technology and innovation. He shared his point of view on the skills needed to develop the labor market in the future and to develop successful companies. “I cannot say what the future of jobs will be, but I can say what the skills of the future will be, namely entrepreneurship as a way of thinking and programming” said Joseph. Besides the skills for the future, Joseph spoke about motivation as the main driver of the power of creativity and the creation of effective startup companies and teams.