Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria

Digital Health and Innovations Cluster Bulgaria is a non-profit association that supports companies and organizations in the field of digital solutions and innovations in healthcare to build an ecosystem and establish a sustainable and effective healthcare environment for patients, healthcare professionals, society and institutions . It was created in November 2018 by 9 companies and 2 non-profit organizations.


Milena Stoycheva

Chairperson, Board Member, Junior Achievement Bulgaria

Mira Ganova

CEO, Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria

Rosen Dimitrov

Board Member, Novartis Bulgaria Ltd.

Ivaylo Dachov

Board Member, Check Point Cardio Ltd.

Todor Primov

Board Member, Ontotext JSC

Miroslav Ivanov

Board Member, Aptuso Ltd.

Alexander Alexiev

Board Member, SAT Health JSC

Desislava Mihaylova

Board Member, Sqilline Business Solutions Ltd.

Rossen Russinov

Board Member, Consento Ltd.

Maya Zlatanova

Board Member, FindMeCure Ltd.

Vihren Slavchev


Dr. Ivan Vetsev

Board Member, National Patient Organisation