DHI Cluster Bulgaria for Healthcare Based on Data and Technology at the Seventh National Pharma Forum

On February 20, Thursday at 10:00 in Sofia, Hotel Balkan will host the Seventh National Pharma Forum on “The Future of the Healthcare System. Horizon 2030”.

Mira Ganova, Executive Director of DHI Cluster Bulgaria, will speak about “Purpose: Healthcare based on data and technology “.

Digital solutions for patient support and the added value of effective healthcare through structured data work will be presented by Alexander Alexiev, CEO of SAT Health. SAT Health is one of the founders of DHI Cluster Bulgaria in the end of 2018 and due to its high expertise in the sector, is actively involved in the digital healthcare ecosystem, partnering constructively with all stakeholders within.

The future of the healthcare system is healthcare based on data and technology with focus on the specific needs of the patients, improved quality of medical care, the ability to facilitate and improve the daily work of healthcare professionals, improve outcomes and optimized costs.

Come on Thursday, 20.02 to learn more about technology trends and practices in the healthcare sector!