The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union has become a partner of the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria

Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union (BPhU), by decision of the governing board of the organization on 9 February 2019, officially became a partner of the Bulgarian Cluster for Digital Solutions and Innovations in Healthcare.

Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria is a nonprofit organization that supports companies and organizations in the field of digital health and innovative healthcare solutions to build an ecosystem in healthcare, open to private entrepreneurs and organizations and boost sustainability and efficiency in the system for patients, HCPs, entrepreneurs, society, institutions, etc.

The partnership between the BPhU and the DHI Cluster Bulgaria will create preconditions for building comprehensive and modern policies in healthcare sector in line with technological advances, based on precise data handling, commented BPhU.

“BPhU is confident that IT and innovation in the 21-st century are the starting point for the sustainability and efficiency of all public systems, to improve and add value to services in the healthcare sector and the opportunity to optimize the work of the BFU and increase its image as an organization”, said Professor Ilko Getov, Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Union.

“Digitization is moving fast in all public sectors, but undoubtedly healthcare is in most severe need of optimization and process improvement,” said Mira Ganova, Executive Director of DHI Cluster Bulgaria. According to her, the effectiveness of the healthcare system requires the collective work of institutions, organizations, patients and business, so that processes are controlled, and the environment predictable, accessible and user friendly. “Digital solutions and the handling of accurate analyzed data will create the conditions for increasing the value impact of the medical services in the sector and higher benefit for the patient,” added Ms. Ganova.

According to the BPhU, the partnership with the DHI Cluster Bulgaria will facilitate and improve the communication with various institutions, medical organizations, specialists and related international associations. The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, as a professional organization of the Master of Pharmacists in the Republic of Bulgaria, will work with all members and partners of DHI Cluster Bulgaria for accessible digital environment and focused care to the public health.