EU Commissioner Maria Gabriel talks about the prospects of digital healthcare with representatives of the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria

Digital solutions, their necessity and their benefits for the public health were key topics in the conversation between representatives of DHI Cluster Bulgaria and EU Commissioner Maria Gabriel.

The two sides united around the need for promotion of the digitization so that society can make the most of its added value for medicine. In this context, the creation of an ecosystem that provides a platform for exchange of good practices and ideas among stakeholders will accelerate the digital health awareness in the sector and increase the opportunities for integration of digital solutions in the healthcare sector.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed the need for public awareness and institutional support in order to fully give assistance to the optimization of healthcare processes and increase the value of medical services.

Commissioner Maria Gabriel and representatives of DHI Cluster Bulgaria left open opportunities for collaboration between Bulgaria and Europe for better health for patients thanks to the promotion of digitization in the healthcare sphere.