Entrepreneurship Education NETwork (EE-Hub) in Bulgaria and HEALTHCARE

Digital Health and Innovation Cluster BULGARIA is powered by the EE-Hub. Healthcare topic entered the agenda of the EE-Hub in Bulgaria in 2017.

WHY does the EE-Hub work on healthcare?

  • To support entrepreneurship education and capacity building for a sustainable and efficient healthcare system.

HOW does the EE-Hub support healthcare goals?

  • By targeting young healthcare professionals, medical scientific societies and academia (not only medical universities).
  • Through focused exchange of ideas among experts and constant dialogue with stakeholders.
  • By capacity building of public administration and growing of future leaders.

WHAT is the expected outcome?

  • Create an entrepreneurship ecosystem in healthcare through constant sharing of innovative ideas and collaboration among stakeholders from different sectors.
  • Support innovative ideas in healthcare to turn into pilots.

Build the base of knowledge-based economy and create conditions for disruptive healthcare innovation in Bulgaria.