Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union (BPhU) is the legally represented professional organization of the Master of Pharmacists in Bulgaria. BPhU was founded in accordance with the Law on the Professional Organization of the Master of Pharmacists and its membership is a necessary and indispensable condition for exercising the profession of master-pharmacist.

The Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) is the professional association of doctors in Bulgaria. The legalization of BMA as a separate legal organization took place after the adoption of the Law on Professional Organizations of Doctors and Doctors of Dental Medicine in 1999. According to the law, professional organizations of doctors and dentists – the Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) and the Bulgarian Dental Association (BDA) are established, their arrangements, their organization and their activities, the conditions for exercising the medical and dental profession and the responsibility for violation of professional ethics are regulated. It is assumed by law that all doctors who practice their profession must be members of the BMA. The doctors’ organization is actively involved in the health-political processes in the country, is responsible for drafting a Code of professional ethics for doctors, exercises control over their observance, elaborates the Rules for Good Medical Practice and is a party to the negotiation of the financial and operational practs of the medical profession through the signing of an annual National Framework Contract.